Emily Rimmer

Emily Rimmer, MD, MSc., FRCPC


Dr. Rimmer is a hematologist at CancerCare Manitoba in the general hematology, myeloma and bleeding disorders clinics. She is the medical director of the Therapeutic Apheresis program. In addition to clinical work, Dr. Rimmer provides mentorship to students and trainees and is leading a research program of Plasmapheresis in Septic Shock.

Ryan Zarychanski

Ryan Zarychanski, MD, MSc., FRCPC


Dr. Zarychanski is a Hematologist, intensivist, and Clinician-Scientist at CancerCare Manitoba and the University of Manitoba. He sees patients with a variety of cancerous and non-cancerous blood disorders and provides special care to patients with abnormal bleeding or blood clotting. In addition to providing clinical care, Dr. Zarychanski leads several programs of research and randomized controlled trials at the intersection of hematology and critical care.